Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Significance of Family

Out of all of my dream experiences, I do make it seem as if I am alone. But I must let you know that I am most certainly, not. I have a great litmus test through generations of dreamers that I can come to for advice, spiritually, emotionally and scientifically, and I honestly believe this is why my ability to lucid dream has developed so strongly over time.

She loves cards and puzzles.
My grandma (on my white side, not my Salvadorian side) has played a huge role in raising me. She is one of my best and closest friends and knows nearly everything about me. She is a prayer warrior in every aspect and is highly conservative, but smart and never judges anything. That being said, she will stick up for what she believes is right and tell it like it is, in her shy and bashful way. I love my grandma so much, but she is fraught with constant worry and that, in turn, worries me. She has had prophetic dreams throughout her life, but asked God to stop giving her these types of dreams as the visions they portrayed were often too horrible to bear. She's been there, and places a high priority on dreams, but also doesn't pay much attention to it like I do.

Honest to God convo with
my mom about Star Trek.
My mom is probably the most skeptical person I know (besides the two Shawns in my life), but her skepticism mostly comes from a lack of willingness to observe and confront areas of mysticism rather than from a logical, hard and fast mindset. That being said, she has had many a crazy dream and even some shared dreams with me and my sister, which I will get to later.

Probably my favorite pic ever of my sis
taken on Halloween in Chicago.
My sister is the constant rock of dreaming and mystical exploration in my life. She's 4.5 years older than me and has a completely different perspective on life than me, but more often than not we find ourselves in the same boat on any given issue. She is alarmingly brilliant, and no offense to her (I believe she would agree) has a darkness about her spirit. It's hard to put into words, but it is a very strong manifestation of melancholy. That being said, she is one of the single most hard working people I know and has this resilience about her that I admire every day. She is the only person in my life who really gets where I come from. If you have sisters you know how special that bond is.

My great aunt used to have people come from miles around to hear her religious prophecies and receive prayer. My cousin has the same strange dream patterns that I do - specifically the powerful fear accompanied by feeling forcefully pressured back to sleep by some invisible hand. My dad and uncle, when they were kids in El Salvador, had multiple mystical experiences they never could explain. My aunt sees angels. My other aunt has revelations from God where she prays from the Spirit, and dreams of people's future children. While I rarely see a lot of my relatives and have had very few times to actually talk to them about their experiences, I see a pattern in my blood of both sides that can't be denied. We have some serious spiritual mojo going on. And as for the religious part? They are mostly Southern Baptist, Catholic or Agnostic.

I wanted to talk about family today because they are huge indicators of your dreams and the potential there. In my family, on both sides, there is a long history of prophecy and dreaming, but not a huge emphasis. They don't talk about it unless I bring it up, but I know it's there because they always have something new to say and share. I do believe in generational blessings and curses, and biological tendency, so knowing that my family has this thread in common gives me empowerment and support, for something the world tends to shun, almost wholeheartedly.

More specifically, many times I have a dream that I will share with my family and will find some significance in that connection. We will see the same symbols around the same time, have vital information that impacts each others dreams, or just be able to speak to the lack of truth or veracity in a dream that felt super present. And yes, we do tell each other that we are getting carried away sometimes. What kind of support network doesn't call you out?

The next blog post I write will be specifically about instances where I feel my family's presence has been incredibly important, and I may even talk a little bit about my family's past and strange supernatural happenings that have gone on between us. Maybe if you're really lucky, we can get my sister to share some of her experiences with us via a guest blog.

Tell me, do any of you have familial experiences that influence your dreams? I'm interested to know.